Welcome to my page. This was set up to share some php code I was unable to find anywhere else.

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Curl to php converter

Curl to php converter Some vendors provide documentation on how to interact with their hardware using Curl. If you have a curl command and want

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Get Qumulo Details

Get Qumulo Details public function get_Qumulo_Details($IPv4Addr, $Username, $Password) { $QM_Session_Key = ”; $QM_Session_Key = get_session_key($IPv4Addr,$Username, $Password); $QM_Response = Get_Qumulo_Details($IPv4Addr, $QM_Session_Key, ‘GET’, ‘/v1/file-system’); return $QM_Response; }//

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Get HPE 3PAR/Primera Details

Get HPE 3PAR/Primera Details // 3PAR System Details https://[3PAR IP]:8080/api/v1/system // 3PAR cpg Details https://[3PAR IP]:8080/api/v1/cpgs // 3PAR Hosts Details https://[3PAR IP]:8080/api/v1/hosts // 3PAR Hostsets

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Check for HPE iLO

Check for HPE iLO // Every HPE iLO will provide basic details without even logging in. // http://[iLO IP Address]/xmldata?item=All // iLO 7 onwards can

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HPE iLO 4 & 3 Rest API Using php

HPE iLO 4 & 3 Rest API Using php public function Get_ILO4_Details($IPv4Addr, $user_name, $password) { $IPv4Addr = ‘’; $user_name = ‘Administrator’; $password = ‘iLO 5

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Working with json output

Working with json output // This is how I went through the json output to extract all the details. public function ProsessIloData($arr, $IPv4Addr, $indent) {

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